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Penny the part time PGME Welfare Dog

The PGME staff are delighted to welcome Penny, a 4 month old miniature poodle to the team.

Penny, whose owner is a core medial trainee, joins the team 2 days a week to help focus on the welfare of our doctor in training workforce at SASH.

We are aware that all Trust staff, are working in increasingly demanding and stressful situations, so Penny allows them all to come down for a 5 minute cuddle, play or walk around the grounds, and already she has put smiles on many faces. Some of the consultant workforce has taken particular delight in her!

We look forward to Penny working her magic, whilst Carys is with us for the next 18 months, and are confident that she will continue to reduce some of the stress levels a little and we hope continue to make our Drs in training a little happier and healthier.

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