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East Surrey Hospital has a long and well established history of welcoming undergraduates from Brighton & Sussex Medical School, St George’s University and Imperial College London.

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At Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, we welcome medical students from St. George’s University of London, Brighton & Sussex Medical School and Imperial College London.

We usually have anywhere from 5 to 35 medical students at any one time throughout the academic year. These students are a mixture of 4th and final year, studying a variety of specialties including:

  • Acute Medicine
  • Respiratory
  • Gastroenterology
  • Stroke
  • Elderly Medicine
  • GI
  • Orthopaedics
  • Breast
  • ENT
  • Psychiatry
  • Critical Care & Anaesthetics
  • Endocrinology
  • Paediatrics
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Emergency Medicine

We are also pleased to be able to offer medical electives and SSCs to local and overseas students. For more information, please email [email protected]


Onsite accommodation is provided free of charge to undergraduates from St George’s University of London, Brighton & Sussex Medical School and Imperial College London, whilst on placement at East Surrey Hospital.

Onsite accommodation can be requested for any medical students undertaking an elective or SSC, however, this is subject to availability and carries a cost of £35 per night, payable in advance.

Our accommodation is 9 years old and consists of flats with 3 or 4 rooms. Facilities include a communal kitchen, bathroom and lounge, whilst the bedrooms contain a bed, wardrobe, desk, bedside cabinet and a chair.


For more details, please see the attached information or email [email protected]

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There is a wide variety of teaching and learning opportunities available at East Surrey Hospital.

Each student is attached to an Educational Supervisor who they will meet at the start of the rotation. This person will ensure that you get the most out of your time with us and that your learning objectives are met.

There are also two ‘Undergraduate Teaching Fellows’ who provide a number of great additional learning opportunities, which are communicated via the online teaching calendar.

In addition to this, all undergraduates are welcome to attend any regular teaching sessions that are held in the Post Graduate Education Centre for a number of different specialities.

DOWNLOAD >> St George’s Medical Student Teaching Information
DOWNLOAD >> Imperial Medical Student Teaching Information
DOWNLOAD >> Brighton & Sussex Medical Student Teaching Information

ECG slides

ECG Masterclass lecture 1: the basics – part 1

ECG Masterclass lecture 2: the basics – part 2

ECG Masterclass lecture 3: heart block

Atrioventricular Block

ECG Masterclass lecture 4: bundle branch block & hypertrophy

ECG Masterclass lecture 5: arrhythmias – part 1

ECG Masterclass lecture 6: arrhythmias – part 2


ECG Masterclass lecture 7: infarction, ischaemia & inflammation

ECG Masterclass lecture 8: wrapping it all up

Prescribing slides

Prescribing Session 1: introduction

Prescribing Session 2: insulin & blood products

Prescribing Session 3: controlled drugs & anticoagulation

Prescribing Session 4: PSA mock

Prescribing Session 5: laxatives & anti-emetics

Prescribing Session 6: gentamicin & hypoglycaemia

Prescribing Session 7: IV fluids & drug overdose

Foundation Teaching for Finals slides

Cardiovascular medicine for Finals

Respiratory medicine

Gastro finals

Gastro OSCE

Thyroid & Parathyroid

Endocrine lecture

Care of the Elderly lecture

Other teaching slides



We have a high fidelity simulation suite which students have the opportunity to make the most of whilst here at East Surrey Hospital. St. George’s students will be provided with two to three simulation sessions that are specific to their placement  and Imperial students will have an A&E focussed simulation session during their attachment here. Our simulation training always receives excellent feedback and is rated very highly in the region.

SASH Education Campus Simulation Centre

Undergraduate Clinical Teaching Fellows

Dr Max Roberts

I am one of the Undergraduate Clinical Teaching Fellows at East Surrey Hospital. I completed my Foundation Training in the North Central Thames Deanery, spending my FY1 year at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead and my FY2 at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage. Last year, I took an FY3 year, in which I spent six months working and six months travelling (no points for guessing which half was more fun…). I am extremely excited to have been given the opportunity to be an Undergraduate Clinical Teaching Fellow this year, and ultimately aim to become a better teacher through the mentorship of the Education Department here, as well as through the PG Cert in Medical Education I will be undertaking at King’s College London.

I started teaching in my penultimate year at medical school, and I quickly realised that it is one of my favourite aspects about working in medicine. Throughout my Foundation years, I have endeavoured to experience new and varied teaching methods, ranging from small group seminars to SIM sessions. I am particularly looking forward to continuing the SIM on-call sessions established by the previous Teaching Fellow.

Session that I’m most proud of: Kidney transplant examination – teaching students how to impress examiners in an abdominal OSCE station, utilising a structured approach to patients with renal transplants.

Favourite topics to teach: Anything that involves going back to first principles and engaging with the underlying physiology or anatomy of a medical condition.

Best innovation in medical education: Creating an ECG lecture series, designed to teach students how to understand why ECGs look like they do, rather than simply learn them by rote (which is sadly very common!).

Favourite part of job within the hospital: Letting the students determine what would be most useful for them to learn, such that every teaching session you do directly addresses an outstanding teaching need.

Favourite part of the job outside the hospital: The opportunity to do a PG Cert in Medical Education this year allows for a direct return to studying outside of the hospital environment.

Favourite aspect of TEL (Technology enhanced learning): I have not had the chance to use electronic feedback before, but I am very excited to see its potential in the upcoming year!


Dr Alex Byrne

I am one of the ‘Undergraduate Clinical Teaching Fellows’ at East Surrey Hospital. I studied at Barts and the London and completed my Foundation Training at Royal Surrey and Kingston Hospitals before going on to do Core Medical Training at East Surrey. I completed my core training this year and obtained my Membership of the Royal College of Physicians. I have chosen to work as a teaching fellow this year in order to improve my application for Cardiology training. As well as teaching I am in the process of getting my accreditation in Level 1 echocardiography and doing a PGCert in Medical Education at St George’s. I am also on the Medical Registrar rota here.

I have a keen interest in medical leadership particularly at an undergraduate level and during my time at university established a medical leadership society and SSC which is still running.

Session(s) that I’m most proud of: Simulated on call and undergraduate ultrasound teaching.

Favourite topics to teach: Anything cardiology related.

Favourite part of job within the hospital: Taking the theory from the classroom and implementing it in real life situations.

Favourite part of the job outside the hospital: Debriefing in the pub.

Favourite aspect of TEL (Technology enhanced learning): Definitely the use of WhatsApp to coordinate teaching sessions and share educational resources. App based learning with clinical scenarios is also really helpful for use when on the bus or train. Survey monkey has been fundamental for us to obtain feedback and is used hospital wide as an evaluation tool.

Brighton Medical Student Placements

As a Year 5 Brighton & Sussex Medical Student, you will join us for a total of 8 weeks and your placement will include time in any of the following specialities:

General Medicine (AMU, Respiratory, Gastroenterology, Stroke)
Elderly Medicine
Surgery (GI, Breast, Orthopaedics, ENT)
Emergency Medicine

In addition to attending different clinics and gaining invaluable experience on the ward, you will also be provided with an interesting and varied teaching programme and formal simulation training.

DOWNLOAD >> Brighton & Sussex Medical Student Teaching Information

A select group of trainees will also run a ‘Foundation Teaching for Finals’ programme every Tuesday and Thursday evening in the Post Graduate Education Centre. Further details will be provided when you commence your placement.

Sub Dean for the Brighton & Sussex Medical Students – Dr Sandeep Cliff

‘I have been the clinical sub-dean for BSMS students for over 7 years and have thoroughly enjoyed having the students here with us at SASH.

I organise the students’ weekly seminar programme along with Claire and the clinical fellows, which includes a session with me allowing students to give presentations on interesting clinical cases.

I also link in with the medical school to offer any pastoral help if needed – there is a monthly Cid that requires marking and feedback which I undertake and then spend  time with students going over their essays and presentations.

I do enjoy their presence and feel that the Trust also benefits from having final year medical students present.’


Imperial Medical Student Placements

As an Imperial Medical Student, you will join us for 4 weeks in our busy and varied Emergency Medicine Department.

As part of your placement, you will attend handover meetings and ward rounds as well as being given the opportunity to examine patients and perform clinical procedures appropriate to your curriculum and competencies.

In addition, you will also be provided with a comprehensive teaching programme as well as one Emergency Medicine focussed simulation training session in the Post Graduate Education Centre.

DOWNLOAD >> Imperial Medical Student Teaching Information
DOWNLOAD >> Imperial Medical Student Emergency Medicine Induction Pack

Sub Dean for the Imperial Medical Students – Dr Kamal Veeramuthu



St George's Medical Student Placements

As a medical student from St George’s University, you will have a placement with us in either:

P Year:
Paediatrics (5 weeks)
O&G (5 weeks)

Final Year:
Critical Care & Anaesthetics (3 weeks)
Respiratory or Endocrinology (5 weeks)

During the course of your placement, you will have the opportunity to attend different clinics as well as gaining invaluable experience on the ward. You will also be provided with an interesting and varied teaching programme, including simulation training in the Post Graduate Education Centre on a Tuesday morning.

DOWNLOAD >> St George’s Medical Student Teaching Information

DOWNLOAD >> St George’s Critical Care & Anaesthetics Welcome Letter                                        

DOWNLOAD >> St George’s Respiratory Welcome Letter

DOWNLOAD >> St George’s O&G Handbook

DOWNLOAD >> St George’s Paediatric Handbook

Sub Dean for the St George’s Medical Students – Dr Nicholas Courtenay-Evans

I took on the SGUL Sub Dean role in 2019 having enjoyed 4 years as the lead for medical students doing their F Year Critical Care and Anaesthetics placement at East Surrey. Having previously been a trainee in the St George’s School of Anaesthesia, I have a strong affiliation with the medical school and am well aware of the challenges faced by today’s medical students. I work closely with our excellent post-graduate education team to ensure our students have the resources, the structure and the support they need to get the most out of their time at SASH. I am proud to see this reflected in the excellent feedback we receive from students and how many of them wish to work here as junior doctors.

Led by our dedicated Clinical Teaching Fellows, we provide a modern and comprehensive education programme for SGUL students based around their clinical practice outcomes, including simulation training, hands on ultrasound workshops, radiology and ECG masterclasses, as well as consultant delivered specialty learning.

My role is to work collaboratively with St George’s and our local Education Team to ensure the students who come to SASH have their educational and pastoral needs met and that, importantly, they enjoy their time here. Improving student well-being and resilience is a priority of mine and we are constantly developing our resources at SASH to support student welfare needs.

It is a great privilege to be Sub Dean for St George’s. I am proud to see what hard working, caring and rounded students SGUL produces and I always feel reassured when I see our doctors of the future starting out strongly in their careers.

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