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November saw the first multi-disciplinary sim teaching session take place in situ on the Intensive Care Unit. The sim scenario was written by Undergraduate Clinical Teaching Fellow Alex Byrne to simulate a scenario involving different members of the MDT working together to care for a deteriorating patient. Physiotherapists, nurses, doctors and medical students took part in a scenario where a patient, initially admitted for breathlessness, deteriorated significantly requiring ventilator support and exchange transfusion for a sickle cell chest crisis. The sim technical team set up a mannequin and altered it’s vital signs to mimic the patients’ respiratory distress. The scenario began with a nursing handover from ED to ICU and an assessment from the chest physios. As things progressed the intensive care doctors were called to review the patient and the medical students helped with the attainment and interpretation of results. The team worked collaboratively to come up with a diagnosis and facilitate a multi modal management approach.

Feedback to the sim training was extremely positive from all groups and plans are now in place to role this out in other departments.

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