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Speciality Induction Videos

We have produced a number of Specialty Induction videos for your information; which will give you an early feel and orientation to the specialty you will be joining. They are a great introduction to the key multi professional team members you will be working with, and provide an overview of what to expect on the wards.

Acute Medicine Induction

Acute Medicine Take 

Acute Medicine Take SpR




General surgery

General Surgery 3rd August 2018 Induction


Obstetrics & Gynaecology




Mandatory & Statutory Induction Videos/Presentations

In order to reduce duplication, but ensure you are fully aware of the Trust specific policies, procedures and key personnel, we have produced a number of short videos/presentations for you to view. You will find these a key resource for you to refer to both during Induction and throughout your training.

Counter Fraud

Emergency Planning

Incident Reporting Tutorial


Library E-resources

Antimicrobial Stewardship

Medical Devices and Sharps Awareness

Medical Devices and Sharps Awareness Quiz

Video produced by BSUH (Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust) and agreed for use

Freedom to Speak Up

Finding the Medical Rota

Adding a Medical Weekend Task

Finding the Post-Take Medical Ward Round

Patient Tracking System (PTS)

Welcome to East Surrey Hospital

Mental Capacity Act

Local Area and Amenities

Medical Records

Pharmacy Prescribing

Fire Safety

Local Infection Control Guidelines

New Inpatient and Adult Diabetes Care Chart

SASH is launching a new inpatient adult diabetes care chart for use in all non-pregnant adult patients from 2nd of September 2020. The chart is to be used to record blood sugars for all diabetic patients in place of the current paperwork. Staff are asked to both write the blood glucose value and plot the blood glucose value on the page 3 of the chart.

Click here for more information

-Patients requiring insulin should have it prescribed on the new inpatient adult diabetes care chart. Insulin should be prescribed in the section against the time it is due with regard to food eg a three times a day rapid acting insulin would be prescribed three times at breakfast, lunch and evening meal.

It is essential that the patient’s prescribed insulin is also referenced by the prescriber on the normal adult prescription chart to mitigate the risk that the diabetes chart goes missing and the nurse is unaware the patient uses insulin eg write Lantus- see diabetes chart for dosage

-If a change needs to be made to insulin dosage the number of units can be crossed out and rewritten in the special allocated change box on the drug chart which should be signed and dated.

-All hypoglycaemic treatment needs to be recorded on the front of the drug chart.  If a patient requires glucagon or IV glucose this should be signed by a prescriber (NB in an emergency situation glucagon can be given and then prescribed retrospectively)

-The variable rate insulin sliding scale should now be recorded on the back of the diabetes care chart instead of on the current paperwork. There are continuation sheets available to be stuck on the back of the chart for each day of treatment.

Please note all patients must continue on their long acting  (background) insulin at the same time as any sliding scale.

Diabetes Care Chart Guide



Logging in at Work and at Home

Subscribing and enrolling on an e-learning course

Checking your compliance

Re-enrolling on a course which has now expired

Playing an e-learning module

Help & Support

Medical Student Ultrasound Training



Physics & Technology



Vascular Access

Regional Anaesthesia


 This is the Infection Prevention and Control Podcast – ICPOD.

 A podcast for all healthcare professionals working with patients at Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, to help prevent and look after patients with infections.

Episode 1: Clinical assessment of diarrhoea and stool sampling

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