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Essentials of Management Programme

To develop management and leadership skills to enable managers to competently apply relevant Trust workforce policies
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The purpose of the programme is to develop management and leadership skills to enable managers to competently apply relevant Trust workforce policies (for example in the areas of recruitment, appraisal, sickness and capability) and increase their understanding of the changing face of the NHS, NHS finance systems and service improvements.
When does the course run?
The course runs once a year and lasts for around 6 months.
Who is it for?

It is a multidisciplinary programme for any managers in clinical or non-clinical roles ; from finance to pharmacy, nursing to facilities and therapies to administration.

The multidisciplinary cohorts bring a great richness and diversity of experience to the discussions along with excellent networking opportunities.

What is the cost?

This course is free to participants.

Charges may be made if participants fail to attend sessions.

Do I need my line manager’s consent for me to attend?

Yes , line managers will be required to give their explicit consent to support their members of staff during the programme and to commit the time for them to attend.

In addition to freeing up staff to attend the programme, line managers will play an important role in supporting their members of staff as they move through the programme, providing feedback and learning opportunities. It is important for managers and course participants to establish how they can best work together to get the most out of the programme.

What is the format of the programme?

It is a modular programme delivered by senior managers and leaders in SaSH along with external subject matter experts. There will be modules on

  • Being a manager at SaSH
  • Recruiting and selecting for better performance
  • Managing, leading and developing your team
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Managing for better performance
  • Finance, procurement and contracting
  • Clinical coding
  • Improving service delivery

In addition to the modules there are a number of facilitated action learning sets to support and consolidate learning.

You will also have the opportunity discover more about yourself and your management and leadership style through the application of a number of tools such as the Myers Briggs and the NHS Leadership Framework 360 degree feedback.

How can I apply for a place?
Please complete and return the application form, which needs to be countersigned by your line manager to demonstrate that they are supporting you to attend.
Who recommends the programme?

100 % of participants in the pilot reported they would recommend this programme to a colleague.

Here are some of their comments:

Fantastic, cannot recommend highly enough

Good mix of theory and practical

Bridged theory – practice gap, highly informative

Lots of information about how NHS works

Excellent course- gives you the tools to be a good manager

Put management in perspective of Trust values/ target/ financial pressures

Time away from work to consider management issues

Excellent programme – all band 6 and above should attend

I would recommend this course to others, within 6 months of getting a band 6. It gives you the necessary tools to do the job.

Can’t recommend it highly enough, really inspired me. More band 6 and 7’s should have the opportunity to attend.

If you require more information about this programme or to discuss if would suit your development needs please contact

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Workforce Development Advisor
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phone   01737 768511 x 2058

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